impact of divorce on children in our society

In today’s society, divorce has become a normal thing in our lives. Married couples today are getting a divorce due to many different reasons, either because a spouse having an affair, a loss of romantic feelings, conflicts in the marriage, and other types of problems. Most divorces have children that are really young and due to their age they don’t have any idea on how to deal with the type of situation. Most of us have a friend or know of someone who has dealt with divorce. We have all experienced this or know how it works in some way whether going through it ourselves or not. Children are the ones who are normally affected the most; they will have to learn to deal with their parent’s divorce at such a young age, affecting them in a positive or negative. Divorce can be negative causing alienation whether it is children losing their self-esteem, not being able to trust anyone, parent favoritism, or financial aid for college. Children seem to lose their self-esteem due to the lack of relationship that they have with a parent. With this being said they are more likely to suffer and have more problems than other kids with both parents. The kids also start blaming themselves for the cause of the divorce. For not knowing and/or understanding the real reason, the result ending with additional stress put on the child. As children get older they tend to build a stronger bond with one or both parents.ive way. Although, divorce really is not a good thing, sometimes it can be positive such as; children being happy, parents being happy, and allowing them to mature. Parents being separated can be better for the kids because then they do not have to deal with the parents fighting. If they are put in better and stable environments it can affect them in positive ways. Sometimes it is also better for the child if they have been in the environment of abuse, such as; parent, brother, sister, or themselves being abused. If parents are happy then more than likely the kids are happy, because the children look up to the parents. Better communication skills in the long run will help parents and children are more understanding with one another. Not many divorces end well or even start off good but it can be a better thing for everyone in the family depending on the situation. Emotions are a big part of life especially when dealing with something so difficult such as divorce. Children seem to be insecure and afraid for what the future will bring them. Children of divorce question their future due to the instability they’ve experienced. Sadness has a big affect on how the children act and think. They may think that they will never have a real family again and that their way of life is at an end. Emotions are things that every person has, no matter what it is but sometimes kids need to talk to someone so they can express how they really feel about things rather than hiding them.
Before making the choice to divorce, the parents need to consider their children first as well as the long term effects it may have on everyone involved. Family counseling to understand and explain these effects should be something all families in a tough situation should consider. Divorce might be the easy way out for the parents but is an open door to tragedy inside the children’s psychological and social health.

Women in the NFL

We live in a world where everyone is supposed to be equal. Men and women are supposed to have equal opportunities in the work place correct? Then how come there has only been 3 female athletic trainers in the NFL, and only one female referee…EVER! Is it just because no woman likes football, or because no women try to make it to that level? How about its just because we are women and the NFL is a male dominated world. As a woman trying to be an Athletic trainer for the NFL I know how many obstacles I need to get around. Doing some research an article titled Women In the NFL, it states that one official said about Sarah Thomas (the one female referee) that “she’s just going to be one of those terrible officials that’s out there, that’s calling the game, that screws up the game for us.” Another official said that “As long a s she does her we will be content.” From this article you can tell that people see women in the NFL in different ways, but in reality the women are just trying to do what they love just like the males are. In another article Women Make Mark at Camp, one of the Caroline Panthers interns is a female and she stated “there has been resistance, but after you gained their respect things got better.”
It’s just hard knowing that if it was a male, there wouldn’t be any resistance. There wouldn’t be any question in the players eyes if they could do something. Even though we are supposed to all have equality, females are still trying to work their way into professional sports. As soon as people see women can do just as good as a male, the views on women in the NFL will hopefully change.

Jonathan Fang (FSW) Kids at Music Festivals and MDMA

Lately music festivals have been growing in popularity in the United States and it’s understandable why that’s happening. Festivals give you the opportunity to escape your responsibilities for a few days and lets you enjoy good music with your friends. Three weeks ago I flew back out to California to go to Coachella which is a three day music festival with some friends of mine. I’ve been to a lot of shows and festivals, but this was the first one I went to where I was camping and the age limit for the festival wasn’t 18+. The four days I spent there though I unfortunately witnessed kids doing things that I couldn’t imagine doing at their age.
To begin with I would never let someone I know go to a festival at a young age without parental supervision regardless of how responsible they might be, but I’m not here to bash on peoples parenting. The first thing I noticed that disturbed me was how easy it was for girls as young as 13 to get into the campgrounds that were supposed to be 18+. Countless times these young girls would end up at our campsite asking to drink with us and luckily no one in my group was going to let that happen, but even if we said no to them a new campsite would allow it. Guys that looked liked they were 26 were attempting to get with girls almost half their age and it wasn’t a site I enjoyed. This underage drinking bothered me, but what got me mad was seeing some of this kids pop ecstasy then not knowing how to take care of themselves in the slightest. MDMA is a substance that has been taken at festivals for decades and although some people have a problem with it, I believe that if people are smart about their doses it can enhance their experience and I’m not going to judge them for what they’re doing. Young teenagers on the other hand don’t realize what the drug can do to you and a lot of times can end up being severely dehydrated and in other cases dead. At their age I knew what MDMA was, but I was not the most familiar with what it did because it’s not a drug that schools really teach you about. I don’t know if the issue here is bad parenting, lack of drug education, or a festivals age limit but kids shouldn’t being doing this things to their body. I had a ton of fun that weekend and it’s somewhere I’m going to go again, however I also had to carry kids away from the stage on two different occasions because they couldn’t handle the drugs they took. I hope that by next year something changes because this isn’t an issue that should go unsolved.

Michael B. Private Prisons in America

Private Prison Corporations they reduce the cost of manufacturing and maintaining the prison, they also sell the labor of the prisoners and keep a percentage of the wages. Private Prisons Corporations only make up a small fraction of the prisons we currently have in America. So this is a fresh idea in the prison industry and sense the introduction of this idea several scenarios have come up.
Some people believe that, reduced materials will make weaker prisons making it easier for prisoners to escape. This can prove to be problematic for societies for if people are able to escape from the prisons and if the prisons are understaffed then it makes it easier for a riot to take place.
There may be some moral problems of exploiting people for labor, prisoners don’t have any rights after they are arrested so minimum wage laws don’t apply for them. These people can be working for pennies on the dollar and it’s completely legal. Though it’s legal is it morally right to exploit prisoners for labor? In a sense this allows for American corporations to make the same products in our home country that we would normally outsource otherwise.
Being a corporation people are allowed to buy stocks and bonds for this corporation essentially investing interest in crime rates. This can be problematic based on who is buying the stocks and bonds. Take this for example should it be okay for say a judge, cop, senator, or any public official to invest interest in crime? It sure would be easy for any one of them to abuse their power to increase crime and thus make them more money.
For these reasons these Private Prison Corporations can become a slippery slope for crime and corruption. Though the prisons are cheaper I don’t think it’s worth the potential down side effects. I presented three potential problems and each one is as devastating for society as the last. Each possibility is as likely as the last and in time they are all unavoidable for this reason I believe prisons should be kept a public service provided by society rather than private corporations.

(Michelle ams) The problem with sexting

Sexting may seem like harmless fun, but teens should think twice before hitting the “send” button. There is no turning back once a message is sent. According to a study done in 2011, 78% of teens now have a cell phone, and almost half (47%) of them own Smartphone’s. 23% of teens have a tablet computer, 95% of teens use the internet, 93% of teens have a computer or have access to one at home. With more and more teens having internet capability, parents, schools, community members, etc…Need to be more vigilant in uncovering and educating our youth about the hidden dangers of the internet. Needless to say, sexting is definitely one of those dangers. One of the primary problems associated with sexting is that material can be very easily and widely circulated, over which the creator has no control. There was some research by internet watch that estimated that 88% of self-made explicit images are “stolen” from their original upload location, like social networking sites, and are available on other websites, such as porn sites. It is known as sextortion when your facebook or Social Networking sites or email accounts and pictures are stolen. That’s scary, especially for those who only thought that photo was being shared with a romantic partner. Sexting pictures can also be used as blackmail, or even shared while still in a relationship. Some men admit to sharing their girlfriend’s sexts with other friends that girlfriend may think that picture was for her “guy’s” eyes only, but he may be showing off his “girl” to other guys. Sexting is a problem that isn’t going away, in fact, as technology increases and teens become more tech savvy, they are going to experiment and make some foolish mistakes. Unfortunately, what may seem like fun for now may be one of their most regrettable moments in the future. Reputations have been destroyed and lives have been altered due to a single sext. It is amazing that one picture, which takes less than a few seconds to take, holds the power to change a person’s life. One picture, one moment in time, too many consequences…It’s just not worth it.

Jasmine Chavez: Could Doctors be the Modern Day Drug Dealers?

As we all know prescription medications can sometimes be misused by many people, but what if I told you that prescription medications are being misused by Psychiatrist and other doctors? According to the American Psychological Association one in ten Americans are now taking anti-depressants. We are facing a major problem. People including small children might be in danger of receiving prescription drugs that they do not need. The over prescribing of drugs is a major problem because instead of the patient getting better or instead of the patient getting the right treatment they could be developing more mental issues; such as thoughts of suicide.

This is an issue that has even been noticed by our government. As Feldmann says in his article, “A United Nations panel criticized doctors in the United States for over prescribing psychiatric drugs. The panel reports that 80 percent of the world’s Ritalin is consumed in the US.” Moreover this is not just a problem among psychiatrist but according to Brendan L. Smith from the American Psychological Association most of the over prescribing is being done by primary care physicians, who may not have much training in treating mental illness

This is a social problem that needs to be addressed by everyone. Doctors are people we go to for help, and if they are not helping us properly then whom can we go to? Not only do we need to be concerned as adults but also because children are getting affected by this problem. I think that next time we take a visit to the doctors office and are prescribed a medication that we need to be more aware of what we are letting into our bodies and do a little more research on the medications being prescribed to us and there side effects.

Michael B. White Collar Crime

The simple truth about white collar crime is its manipulation and a lot of people are doing it or victims of it. White collar crime is a blanket term cornering a lot of areas in economics and sociology, but it boils down to someone lying, cheating, or stealing. These crimes can be separated into three categories: occupational, individual, and corporate.
Occupational crime is work-related illegal activity and can be an employee, overcharging customers, stealing merchandise or tools, or private information. The places these kinds of crimes are happening include but are not limited to bars, gas stations, fast food establishments, or grocery stores.
Individual fraud is non-violent crimes committed by people to outside the work environment. These crimes can include identity theft, credit card fraud, or writing bad checks. This is the opposite of occupational crime being people are committing crimes at place(s) they typically do not work at.
Corporate crime involves illegal activities in which employees seek to gain money for the corporation as a whole. Some examples for this is fraud, embezzlement, or stock manipulation.
Though most people when they think of white collar crime they think of corporate crime, anyone anywhere is capable of committing white collar crimes. Because white collar crimes are a manipulation of the legal system they can be less apparent and go unnoticed for several years if it’s ever noticed.
A personal example of this is when I was young my mom thought it was a good Idea to keep important things like our social security cards close to her in her purse. One day someone took her purse and all of our information. She went to the police station and they didn’t believe her. After taking a lie detector test they determined that she was telling the truth, found they guy but never got the purse. Years later my sisters Briana is opening her first account and they told her they couldn’t do it because someone else was using her social. It took several years to straighten this situation out eventually they gave her a new number. The original crime took place nearly 10-years earlier and took till just a few years ago to fully catch up to us. I don’t know if the person whom was using the social ever got in trouble or jail time.
Often in white collar crimes there is jail time measured in months and fines which can be large but not in comparison to how much they are getting away with. The reasoning behind this type of sentencing is that the intent to do wrong is or can be hard to prove. Because the intent can be hard to prove if at all possible, it becomes hard if at all possible to give them jail time.
White collar crime is happening everywhere at every level of social status effecting everybody, maybe not every day but someday it’s likely it will affect your life directly or indirectly. Very little has been done to prevent this type of corruption over the years. In the future I hope to see a revolution and for white collar crime to be halted if not obliterated completely. There is a lot to be done to make this happen but thankfully progress is unavoidable.

Edna M. (FSW): Uniforms in schools:

Throughout 1999-2008, there was an increase of only 5.7% of public schools in the United States, which required students of public schools to wear school uniforms. As of today, there are not many schools in the United States that require students to wear school uniforms, presenting an “anti-individuality message” upon students. Whether this is correct or not, deciding for an increase of school uniforms, creates responsibility and discipline throughout the ages of early childhood through teenage years. Thus, providing open doors to the “real world” after high school.

In the United States, there is a positive correlation between violence and irresponsibility with non-uniform schools. As far as 2014, every private school is known to have uniforms. Uplifting the percentage in grades and school attendance, while decreasing violence and irresponsibility. Public schools, most of them located in urban areas, have dress codes, but do not contain school uniforms.

The United States promotes non-communist ideas, influences schools to believe that uniform dress code policies promote communist and refrains students from thinking as individuals. If nothing is done to stop students from “youngsters experience freedom and, in the process, learn to act responsibly” there will be an increase in violence and irresponsibility. Unfortunately, schools that do not have uniforms have a lot of bullying. The bullying that occurs is due to students clothing. This has created a power structure between students. Instead of students working together, and helping each other, there is a power difference between students. Those who have parents or guardians that gain more money will end up with clothing that are at its finest and “popular”; while those students that their parents or guardians that suffer from poverty, will be wearing old and worn out clothes. There should be a sense of equality in schools, this economic difference seen in students clothing causes a power difference, and inequality. Schools emphasize the fact that we should all work in teams, but in order to do that, every student should feel the same as others. By increasing the population of schools in urban areas that use uniforms, it will allow for crime rate, suspensions, sex offenses, vandalism, and assaults to significantly decrease.

Although there are many schools in the United States that are an “A school”, the violence does not cease. With uniforms, not only do the students benefit from a decrease of peer pressure, and bullying, but parents benefit from it due to the costs of uniform clothes. They can be found in any store for a few dollars, there are many donation centers that donate brand new, free school uniforms. The change in environment that students and the school staff will have will significantly benefit each other.

Edna M. (FSW): Discriminating homosexuals:

It’s incredible how in today’s time there is still a great amount of people that discriminate towards homosexuals. There is a large amount of law-support towards race, gender, age, ethnicity, and religion. Homosexuals face discrimination every single day, and sometimes, it may lead them to their death.

There was a research done, and it was reported to the FBI that 14% of all hate crimes (which is the third highest), comes from discriminating gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgendered people. Why is it that there is still an inequality towards people of different likes? We have the liberty to do as we please, I mean, as long as the person is not doing anything as they please, why can they not do what they want? These “hate crimes” are causing an up rise in violence. The National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs reported that the number of anti-gay murders went from 14 in 1997 to 28 in 1999. In 2008, 390 LGBTs had a 1:7 ratio of people that reported to be living in fear of “homophobic violence”.

This boundary that is being placed between homosexuals and heterosexuals is absurd, it should be broken down, and many in today’s society are just trying to build a higher and stronger boundary between them. Those people believe they have the power to do as they please, and by all means, I am not saying that they do not have the right to express themselves, but my question is, where is the respect? We are all humans, we are all the same, we all have the same liberty as the other, we all have rights, but we need to learn how to respect each other. In my opinion, those who discriminate, are homophobes, and or are heterosexist should be very careful with their words. I believe they think they have the “power”, since they are following the traditional nuclear norms, they believe they have more power and therefore discriminate those who are now coming to a rise in society.

It is pretty clear to everyone that discrimination leads to inequality, and in this case it is inequality between sexualities. Fortunately, so far, there are over 30 states that have come to a conclusion that gay marriage should and is to be legalized. This equality that is rising, is giving everyone the opportunity to have the liberty they deserve.