I HATE SEASON!! Why do we Floridians have to suffer every year with “snowbirds”? They clog up the streets, take all the great early doctor and dentist appointments we need before work, and make our lives miserable. Just because they can afford more than one home, why does one of them have to be in Southwest Florida? Stay in your own state or pick another one. I’m a third generation native, and can tell you this, Florida can survive without you! Our state is already over-populated as it is. If channels are opened up again with Cuba soon, there is a potential for more people from there as well. Snowbirds are the reason are insurance rates are high. They cause more accidents than any other age group. They also have their cars imported here each year, which means they can’t even drive them down without problems. It’s bad enough trying to eat out, or finding a place to park downtown, but they add to all the congestion that our state doesn’t need. Prices go up for everyone during season because businesses know they can get it from them, but the rest of us live here all the time, and it’s not fair.

Megan Royall- Poverty

In our world poverty is everywhere- whether it’s in our own family or it’s in the neighbors family. Sometimes you don’t realize how close to home it is, until the neighbor comes over asking you for some bread to feed their baby. This has happened to my family personally, and I take the matter quite seriously.

You never know what it is like until you experience poverty. One event clearly stuck out in my experience. It was freshman year in high school, we had to move out of my moms boyfriends house because of his poor decisions. We were forced to live at my mom friends house, she already had two kids, and we had three.

One afternoon my mother brought us all to the store for groceries. She let us pick out some snacks and some soda. She got all of the rest, pasta, veggies, fruits, and everything else you can think of. We reached the check out with our cart full of stuff. The cashier rung everything up, $163.47 was the total. Mom slid her card; denied. She tried it again; denied.

She started to walk away without anything, crying she couldn’t provide for her children. Then, from behind us, an angel voice spoke “I got it”. This made my mom cry even more, it even made me cry. We were both thankful for what this woman did for us. My sisters didnt quite understand the meaning, as they were pretty young. This will always stick in my mind.

My point is, poverty is everywhere. We do not know which family cannot provide for their children, like mine. Since it’s so close to Christmas do the little things, tip the cashier at Tijuana Flats $5 instead of $2, say thank you, smile, and enjoy your life. You never know who’s family it could be..

Siddiga Milord (Title: Promotion Overload Stops!)

You ever noticed how you just left a clothing website and once you get on Facebook the store promotions pop up? Unfortunately, Facebook is putting a stop to that. The company claims that the other companies promote their products a little too much and tend to overflow user’s timelines. To see a product or company pop up on every social network you get on can get annoying, and you’ll probably no longer interested in the company anymore. Majority of these promotions only push people to buy their products and interfere with what the person’s purpose on Facebook. In order to fix this issue Facebook now regulates everyone’s timelines to minimize the amount of ad’s present on a timeline. Promotions will be cut out but the ad’s will still remain. Companies are always competing with each other regarding what they have to offer. Also, their ads/promotions pops up either on top of the user’s timeline, in between posts on their timeline or even on the side. Business owners are going to have to be a little more precised on what they are trying to promote. For instance, the benefits of  their product, or why they are having the sale that is going on. The whole purpose of banning the promotions is to allow user’s to view more of what they like on their timelines.

Siddiga Milord (Title: Stress)

We tend to stress over the smallest things in life without even knowing it. The more we stress the more tense are bodies get and this could lead to severe consequences. Our brains only react once we hit a certain level of stress and just explode or cannot deal with the crisis anymore. Although, the brain allows us to be completely stressed out and still be able to concentrate on other events that are occurring, you still have to know how to keep your stress level at a certain limit. You are the only one who is able to control your stress, therefore, you need to find mini stress relievers that can accommodate you. We all know we can not control nor keep bad things from happening such as death or car accidents; so when things like that attack you from the blind side you begin to be more alert and your mind is all over the place. If we learn how to control our stress levels then we wouldn’t be so lost or unorganized when we are going through certain situations like these. Stress tend to have control over people more than people have control of themselves. So, if we take early action, for example, by exercising/outdoor activities, this could train our brain to deal with stress more effectively. Also, the more we keep our stress under control the percentage of ill effects decreases. Otherwise, you will be having unexpected breakdowns and mood swings that you would not want to happen; especially, at the wrong place and time.

Siddiga Milord (Title: IOS 8.1.2: Apple User’s Misery)

 IOS 8.1.2 was released back in November to all users such as: IPhone, IPad, IPod and Mac. Usually whenever Apple releases a new update it’s always for the same reason, bug fixes. Every Apple user is familiar with the whole process when their phone goes under operation (updating), the devices turn off and then you will see a loading bar pop up. Unfortunately, this update removed ringtones Apple owners have purchased from ITunes, weakened the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signal. Users from all over are upset and confused on how an update can create such damage. Apple was aware of the problem and quickly edited the update and included an URL where the users can recover their lost ringtones. My perspective of this mini crisis is Apple is trying their hardest to be unique in their own way. Their devices are very creative and can’t really be compared with any other company out there. Apple should be more focused on their consumers- who are purchasing their products instead of trying their hardest to stand out. This update may have caused users to switch companies, due to this NOT being their first incident.

Siddiga Milord (Title: Mike Brown)

The killing of Mike Brown caused many types of violence that took place in Ferguson, Missouri. This crisis falls into the Conflict Perspective category; many believed the killing was an act of injustice. Lately, there have been cases where Caucasian police officers are killing unarmed victims who happened to be African American. People from all over the world are certain that African Americans are a prime target in circumstances similar to this one. Protests, arsons of buildings, and many other activities are in full effect taking place in the streets of Ferguson along with other cooperating states/countries. Society (mostly the African American race) want the same amount of justice as every other race out there. Therefore, even if police officers are not indicted they should have been penalized in some kind of way. More and more killings of African Americans are occurring (also caused by Caucasian police officers) and they are getting away with it. A solution must come in sight immediately in order for the violence in the streets to stop.

Hannah Collins Intro to Sociol- The Common Core Craze

Recently I have been hearing plenty of debate on people who are for and against Common Core being implemented in the state of Florida. In my opinion Common Core has no value to society today when the education system was doing fine before Common Core. Common Core are various sets of standards for the English and mathematics curriculum concieved and developed to incorporate common educational practices for schools around the world. Common Core should not be the deciding factor for how state standards should be mandated. States should not have to base their education system on Common Core since every state has different standards that work for them. People approach Common Core with the simplistic idea, that without Common Core kids will not have a common set of standards to see how well students are performing. However, this is a matter of opinion since there are knowledge tests like SAT, and ACT that can determine what the average standards should be. The government is not qualified to write learning standards since they do not understand education. Instead, teachers, professors, and principles should decide on the best assessment methods for different districts. Common Core has to be rescinded or better reseached, because it has standards that effect students negatively by reducing creativity, requires new teaching methods, and does not allow enough time to transition. Common standards create a lack of diversity, states have to pay for the cost of implementation, and are outlined detailed cumbersome needs to be met my students and teachers. The standards are being implemented for social stability reasons to make sure students are learning certain things at certain levels to have society norms. Common Core is set in certain parts around the world now to have more similarities in learning in different cultures. Social changes have occurred and been integrated in schooling due to common core affects like standards becoming to high for certain students leading them to fall behind giving them more pressure to succeed in school.


recycle john r

The last time the EPA reported the national recycling figures was in 2009 for 243 million tons of trash generated:
• 82 million tons composted or recycled for recovery rate of 33.8 percent
• 29 million tons of MSW combusted for energy recovery
• 74 percent of office-type paper recovered
• 60 percent of yard trimmings recovered
• 34.5 percent of metals recycled
• 7 million tons of metals recycled reduced greenhouse gas emissions at equivalent of removing 5 million cars from road for one year
• Approximately 9,000 community curbside recycling programs exist in United States, increase over reported 2002 figure of 8,875
• Approximately 3,000 community composting programs exist – decrease from reported 2002 figure of 3,227 programs
• Current amount of MSW per-person discarded in landfills lower than 1960
• Due to population growth, current total amount discarded MSW in landfills significantly higher than in 1960, yet lower than 1990

It is clearly time for all Americans to do their part to increase our recycling programs. Why do we have any less than a 90% statistic on any aspect of recycling? It is a fact that Recycling Saves the Earth. Recycling different products will help the environment. So it escapes me why we aren’t doing more to get everyone involved in it. Products made Recycling Reduces Waste Products in Landfills, Recycling helps you Save Money, Recycling conserves natural resources and reduces the amount of waste that must be burned or buried, it also reduces pollution and the demand for energy. America really has to implement national mandatory programs that are weighted towards the need to recycle. I can guarantee that there will be a real and tangible a net benefit to America and the world. Stating to small in recycling is all it takes. For years I discarded all of my waste in one single trash bin. I stopped doing this about a year ago and I see the difference I can say I was being very wasteful my trash bin is nearly empty every week on trash day, but my 55 gallon recycle bin is overflowing with recyclables. If we all did this we can only imagine the good it will do. Recycling should be a task that should come naturally but if it doesn’t it time to make it into law. We always talk about our freedoms and exercising them, well it’s definitely time to exercise our freedom to recycle. We should all take our responsibility to re cycle more seriously because almost everything we see around us can be recycled.