How Much Is That Doggie In The Window by Cheyenne

Living is Southwest Florida, current citizens are use to the sight of miniature dogs running around with comical articles of miniature clothing on. The possibility of running into one of these dogs in our copious outside malls is so common these malls have built stores selling these tiny companions. From corporate companies such as Pet Kingdom to Little Rascals Puppies in Gulf Coast Town Center, it has never been easier to purchase a toy puppy.

Now what could be the problem? Who wouldn’t want one of these tiny, cute puppies? These are probably the only questions that go through peoples’ heads when they think about purchasing a puppy from a pet store. What many people don’t consider is, where do these puppies come from? Well, what if I were to tell you that that cute little puppy in the window came from a puppy mill. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, or ASPCA, defines a puppy mill as “a large-scale commercial dog breeding operation where profit is given priority over the well-being of the dogs.” Puppy mill puppies are sold to pet shops, over the internet, through newspaper ads, and at flea markets.

According to the ASPCA, puppy mill dogs are kept in overcrowded and unsanitary conditions. They’re provided with inadequate veterinary care, unsanitary food, and water. Most breeding dogs will spend their entire lives crammed in filthy cages, never experiencing fresh air, exercise, or basic grooming. These dogs live in conditions that most people would consider inhumane and cruel. Female dogs are bred at every opportunity. That means that a female dog would have given birth to ten litters in only five years. These dogs are, usually, just killed after they become unable to reproduce. While puppy mills should just be made completely illegal, one of the main complications with how our government handles this social problem is how many of these licensed kennels are inspected. According to the Humane Society, It is estimated that there are at least 10,000 puppy mills in the U.S. Fewer than 3,000 of these are regulated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

I bet you won’t look at a pet store pup the same after reading this blog. Women think they are so trendy having a mini Chihuahua cooped up in their purses. They don’t realize the amount of pain and suffering some dogs had to go through just so they can make a “fashion statement.” What really grinds my gears is the abundance of dogs that are in an animal shelter. These dogs, which are proven to be healthier than puppy mill pups, are euthanized because they can’t find a home. Yet, people are willing to splurge on these sick puppies keeping puppy mills in business. So the next time you walk by an animal store and you see that cute puppy in the window remember the notorious little quote: Don’t shop…adopt!







DiamondPrincess-Can a Prostitute be raped?

During my first semester of Sociology, my professor asked the following question: “Can a prostitute be raped?” Since I’d been in the prostitution industry since the age of 16, in all aspects besides porn, I was very surprised at the uninformed/ wrongfully informed responses I heard from a multitude of college students. All of the students said a prostitute can not be raped because she sells her body for money. They said the only way she could not be raped is if a man decided not to pay her. As a woman who had been raped in the industry, I wondered how do these students define rape? Are they really that uninformed of the statistics behind prostitution, and why a majority of prostitutes are introduced to the sex industry, due to the media?

To start with, according to the following websites:,and; as well as, my personal experience, many women in the prostitution industry share similar backgrounds. Most women who are prostitutes began working at a young age, the average age is 12-15. These young girls run away from home, due to a sexually and/or physically abusive family, and end up homeless. Usually within 24 hours they meet a pimp who manipulates them into joining the sex industry. Once they are with the pimp, they are usually afraid to leave because the pimp is abusive, and the girl has no where to turn to, or a powerful manipulator.

Now, regarding the question of rape, the word NO always means no. Yes, even if a client is paying a working girl. No means no. Once you cross that line, whether you are a prostitute, a women that decided to have fun with someone she met at a bar, a women who has been dating a man for a long time, or even if you are married to a man. If you say no, unless you are role playing, and they continue to pursue you it’s rape. Same thing for men, though men are a lot less likely to say no to a girl;-)

However, that is not the main type of rape a prostitute has to worry about. The main type of rape a prostitute has to worry about while in the industry is the violent type. The type where a man pulls a gun or knife her and forces her to have sex with him. In fact, many prostitutes have been killed after a client rapes or kidnaps them. Although, many rapist just want the prostitutes pussy and all of the money she made that night. After which, they usually
drop her out of the car naked without any of her belongings.

In addition, many prostitutes are forced by police officers to preform sexual acts. In fact, I remember some of the girls I knew in Miami telling me there was a secluded parking building the officers would bring them to, rape them while in handcuffs, then kick them out without any of their possessions. I myself came close to a run in with an officer. As he was holding me, waiting for the other officers to come, he made the following comment to me:” I could have cum 10 times before my calvary got here.” After a few more officers arrived, they spoke with me and sent me to the police station, with the same officer that made the comment to me. When we arrived at the police station, he jumped in the back seat with me. I was handcuffed and could not do much to fight back. As he began to pull his dick out and pull my skirt up, another officer walked out. Luckily this officer saw what the cop was doing to me and told him to leave, he would finish my paperwork.

Overall, there are many ways a prostitute can be raped, most of which involve force. So the next time your asked if a prostitute can be raped, I hope you think about these young girls and what they go through. Maybe you will answer the question with a more informed mindset. Maybe even vote to legalize prostitution so these girls have a way to escape the business, and give them someone to turn to.

Greeks R.Jacobs

Large universities, especially those in the South, are known for their greek life. In the past, these organizations were known for their terrible behaviors and wild parties. Is that how they are now? Is hazing still prevalent?

I ask multiple friends of mine who are involved in these organizations. Many of them had positive things to say. They told me about all the great things they do for the community as well as special organizations. When I talked to a friend at the University of Alabama about her decision to rush, she told me it was the worst thing she’s ever done. I was told that the girl there are brutal. She has experienced multiple episodes of hazing. So why is it that people continue to join these organizations? Many of them join because of family. But why do we allow these organizations to exist if they make students miserable? People will change their lives just to fit in. The greek system creates a huge inequality at colleges. The greeks receive special treatment due to their looks and money. I mean, when I go to school I plan on rushing. But why should I have to change myself to fit in?

Chedeline Frederick

Society and Interracial Relationships;

Majority of society feels the right to let other know that there will be people out there that will disagree with your relationship such as interracial relationships. Some feel that relationships should stay within the culture. However, what they don’t know is that a relationship is based on love and not culture and/or color. As you can see, interracial relationships hit social media, there are a lot of commercials that are promoting interracial relationships. How does social integration comes to play? Even though interracial relationship means that different individuals from different cultures collide, they still work, get their education, and still live the life they have been living, the only thing that change is adding a person to the mix. The behaviors and cues within a society or group about interracial intimacy is their knowledge and culture background about interracial relationship. Most of the things that are being said or done by most of the society, that are negative, affects their personal life. Having the support and positive attitudes towards any relationship gives the two individuals strength to continue their relationship and make it stronger.





Technology by Megan Royall

Cellphones, laptops, tv – it’s what everyone needs to survive nowadays. Right?

Wrong. I think that in our society everyone is consumed with all of this “new found ability”. Ability? Well, like being able to communicate with your best friend who is on vacation across country. Or when you have a question to a homework problem, you can just pull out your handy-dandy iPhone and search up the answer. Not too long ago people had to go to the library and pick up books. Spending hours upon hours researching, we have it so easy now. Why is it so easy? I think we should spend a few hours a day putting our phones away and spending classic, real time with family and friends. I have heard many stories where families will be eating dinner and instead of having a conversation with each other they go off in their own little world doing their own thing. That’s not real, it’s fake. Family dinners at my parents’ house, phones and electronics stay away from the dinner table.

But don’t get me wrong, technology is a fantastic thing! With innovations flying cross the country, world rather, we can advance into unknown places. With technology we can take people to the moon and mars! Things we never have thought possible seventy years ago, it was only a concept. Scientists have even designed cars to get outrageous gas mileage. Which is personally great for me because I love driving, I drive around 300 miles every week! So for me, cars with amazing gas mileage will save me a lot of money.

Sometimes, technology can be a scary concept to grasp. Do “they” have minds of “their” own? Are “they” going to rise up against the human race? This seems like a very popular theme in movies and books, because many people fear this. But I do not believe technology—such as computers and iPhones—can have a mind of “their own”. Yes, Siri can talk by herself and have a conversation with you. But in a sense it is not “intelligent”. She was programmed to say all of that stuff, the designers tell her what to say. She does not have a mind of her own. Technology does have intelligence, but only as intelligent as the programmer.

Strike Against Starbucks by M.E.M.A.R.

Over the years we’ve all heard the stories of businesses and companies mistreating their employees in one way or another, whether it being their pay, hours, or spousal benefits. Although, I’ve never heard of a company, like this, whose employee try to go on strike to get their issue known by others, aside from the guys who sign their checks at the end of the week.

In Starbucks locations all over Chile, employees plan to go on strike because “they say, their wages are so low that they can’t afford to buy lunch”. It’s been said that the average hourly wage for a Chilean Starbucks worker is about $2.50, which wouldn’t even cover half of the cost of that individuals lunch on any given day.

For years, employees have been pressing for lunch wages, similar to the $50 “lunch bonuses” their managers receive. Instead, employees are offered two free coffees a day.

Chilean workers submitted a proposal requesting monthly lunch bonuses of $100 and listed nearly 20 other requests, “such as having the company assume the full cost of employee health insurance”. But the unions demands were not met and they voted to strike. Starbucks spokesman, Jim Olson, says “We feel their list of demands far exceed the industry and business norms for Chile”. He went on to list the number of other benefits that go “far above and beyond” including the employee 30% discount on food sold in the stores, 70% of their healthcare costs paid by the company and company stock.

Its said that the company threatened to fire or withhold promotions for the workers, this dropped the initial amount of strikers from 270 to 200. Jim Olson says “these are completely false claims. We honor our partners’ free choice and respect their legal right to affiliate”.

This issue certainly does not give Starbucks a good image. Hearing that the largest, most known coffee company is neglecting it’s very own employees outside the United States raises questions and appears to be unethical. Immediately, it seemed to me that because this issue isn’t present in the U.S. because Americans would hear about it; but with this happening in a completely different country appears sneaky and greedy on Starbucks’ part.

It all comes down to employee relations. A company cannot run successfully if the employees are not on their A-game all day, everyday, but when they’re not adequately paid for their work why would they be? Especially if they want employers aren’t listening to their grievances and treating them fairly. This could go both ways though, the threat to go on strike gives the employees an imagine of low morale for resorting to such a low extreme.

When customers in the U.S. hear this news I’m sure they’ll be astonished but it’s not really impacting them or their daily cup of Starbucks coffee so I really don’t believe it will take much of a toll on them, unlike myself.

More than likely, when I hear of a company mistreating or being unfair to their employees I simply stop spending my money there. The mistreatment of employees by their employer immediately puts a bad taste in my mouth and I refuse to buy products from a company knowing my money is being put into the pocket of someone who isn’t concerned about their workers.

Above all, I am beside myself that such a successful company that seems so trustworthy with their “responsibilities” tab on their main website, for everyone to see, is hiding the fact that they can’t pay their workers in Chile enough to even buy as much as lunch. If it take a few hours of working to be able to afford one meal for one person for one day, how is that individual expected to support themselves or their families? I just find this to be so unethical.

Business. Ferrell, Hirt, Ferrell. Chapter 2. Pages: 31-37

The Sad Reality of Suicide by Tasha Petrik

         The Sad Reality of Suicide

The frequency with which suicide rates in America has increased over the last few decades is astounding. It makes me wonder whether people are unhappier or have just started doing something about their unhappiness. Some people think it’s a younger-generational phenomenon, but it’s really not; the middle-aged adult suicide rate went up almost 30% from 1999 to 2010.

America is notoriously a “complainer” nation, but we have always been very ambitious. People come to America to chase a better life, to chase “The American Dream.” With such high desires for ourselves, it makes sense that Americans would, overall, be relatively unhappy. However, our ambitious nature is not indigenous to the past decade; it’s indigenous to our culture throughout our entire existence. This means that our happiness levels, though potentially low, should be relatively stable, as our wants have always succeeded our capabilities. However, studies have shown that we are actually less happy now than ever before. An Italian study showed we are less happy now than we were thirty years ago, and a 2013 study showed we had even decreased in happiness since 2011. Perhaps this is the reason our suicide rate has increased so dramatically.

However, the rate of suicide is likely not dependent on one factor alone. The normality of suicide has pervaded our culture to the point where suicide is often not a shock. Culture breeds culture, so the faster suicide rates are increasing, the faster people are going to realize suicide is a socially viable option. The media also influences this; as more suicides are publicized, they blend into each other, causing people to think that maybe killing themselves wouldn’t be such a bad idea after all.

Overall, I think Americans actually are less happy, but I also think it has become socially acceptable to end one’s unhappiness by ending one’s life. Welcome to America.